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Investment Current

Investment Current
Thứ 6, Ngày 01/05/2015, 13:00
According to Official Letter No. 1825/QD-UBND of Long An Provincial People's Committee issued the Investment Promotion Program of Long An Province in 2015. In 2015, Long An province continues to attract oriented investment projects consistent with planning and environmental friendliness. Besides calling for investment projects in the industrial clusters, industrial parks; Long An province issued a list of priority projects calling for investment in all sectors. Please contact us for more information.

Projects calling for investment of Long An province in 2015.

ProjectsLocationTotal capitalInvested method
I. Border economic zone
1. Long An Border economic zoneKien Tuong townPPP, BT, Direct invesment
2. My Quy Tay border zoneDuc Hue districtPPP, BT
II. Water Supply​​
3. Tan Kim water supply plantCan Giuoc district90PPP
4. Moc Hoa water supply plantMoc Hoa district200PPP
III. Environment
5. Tan An city stormwater drainage and domestic waste- water treatment systemTan An city900PPP + ODA
6. Solid waste treatment areas in Can Duoc and Can GiuocCan Duoc or Can Giuoc district800PPP + ODA
7. Solid waste treatment areas in Moc HoaMoc Hoa district400PPP + ODA
8. Solid waste treatment areas in Duc HoaDuc Hoa district800PPP + ODA
9. Project of building capacity of protecting environemntAll IZ-IC and EPZ55PPP
IV.  Infrastructe in industrial zones and clusters and residential areas
10. An Nhat Tan II industrial zoneTan Tru districtPPP, Direct investment
11. Vinh Hung district industrial and handicraft zoneVinh Hung districtPPP, Direct investment
12. Kien Binh commune industrial zoneTan Thanh districtPPP, Direct investment
13. Tan Dong commune industrial clusterThanh Hoa districtPPP, Direct investment
14. Tan Kim commune industrial clusterCan Giuoc districtPPP, Direct investment
15. Development of high quality eco-industrial zone and integrated with waste treatment systemDistricts in key economic zones10PPP, Direct investment
V.  Education - Vocational training
16.  Ben Luc vocational schoolBen Luc district45Direct investment
VI.  Tourism
17. Tan Lap floating village eco-tourism areaMoc Hoa districtPPP
18. Thanh Nien forest parkThanh Hoa districtPPP
19. Riverside resortAlong Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers35Direct investment
VII. Science and Technology
20. Project of biotechnological incubatorKien Tuong town3100% direct investment by enterprises
21. Long An's leading ecotechnology center (LALETEC)Districts in key economic zones15PPP
VIII. Trade
22. Long An portCan Giuoc district443Joint-venture with other investors
23. Tan An municipal general trade and service centerTan An city150100% direct investment by enterprises
24. Construction of Food storage warehouse in Dong Thap Muoi, Long An provinceThanh Hoa district18.PPP
25. Food storage warehouse and logistic centerBen Luc district300100% direct investment by enterprises
IX. Healthcare
26.  High quality international health care centerTan An city; Ben Luc district80Direct investment
X.  Agriculture
27. Project of high techonology agricultureDuc Hue district384Joint-venture with other investors
28. Project of dairy farming (cow raising) in Long An provinceDistricts of Duc Hoa, Chau Thanh, Tan Tru and Thu Thua10100% direct investment by enterprises
29. Project of investment in construction of yam processing plantDistricts of Thanh Hoa, Thu Thua, Moc Hoa, Tan Tru10 - 20100% direct investment by enterprises
30. Project of pulp and artificial boards production direct- ly from the melaleucaThanh Hoa district10 - 20100% direct investment by enterprises

Source: ​Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA)

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