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Navigation lines of investment incentives
Legal basis

  • Pursuant to the Investment Law in 2014;
  • Pursuant to Decree No. 118/2015 / ND-CP dated November 12, 2015 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on Investment.

The list of lines of investment incentives

2.1 Lines of special investment incentives

2.1.1 High-tech, information technology, industrial support

  • High-tech Applications on the list of high-tech investment and development priorities as decided by the Prime Minister.
  • Production on the list of high-tech products are encouraged to develop as decided by the Prime Minister.
  • Production of industrial products supported by decisions of the Prime Minister.
  • High-tech incubation, incubation of high-tech enterprises; venture capital for high-tech development; applications, research and development of high technology as stipulated by the law on high technology; production of biotechnology products.
  •  Production of software, content information product number, key information technology product, software services, service troubleshooting information security, information security protection as prescribed the law on information technology.
  • Production of renewable energy, clean energy, energy from waste incineration.
  • Production of composite materials, construction materials, light, rare materials.

2.1.2 Agriculture

  • Planting, caring, nurturing, protection and development of forests.
  • Growing, processing and storage of agricultural, forestry and fisheries.
  • Production, personnel and plant breeding, livestock breeding, forestry seedlings, fingerlings.
  • Manufacturing, mining and refining of salt.
  • Fishing offshore applications combined methods advanced fishing gear; fisheries logistics services; shipbuilding base construction and shipbuilding individual fish.
  • Sea rescue services.

2.1.3 To protect the environment, build infrastructure

  • Gathering, processing, recycling and reuse of waste concentration.
  • Develop business infrastructure Industrial parks, export processing zones, high-tech zones, functional areas in economic zones.
  • Investment in development of water plants, power plants, water supply and drainage systems; bridges, roads and railways; airports, seaports, river ports; airports, railway stations and infrastructure projects especially important due to the Prime Minister for decision.
  • Development of public passenger transport in urban areas.
  • Investment in the construction and management business in rural markets.

2.1.4 Cultural, social, sports, health

  • Construction of social housing, resettlement housing.
  • Business investment facility hygiene and disease prevention.
  • Scientific research on pharmacy technology, biotechnology to produce new drugs.
  • Production of medicinal materials and medicines essential, essential drugs, drug prevention and social diseases, vaccines, biological medical products, Herbal medicines, traditional medicines; expiring drug patents or proprietary concerned; application of advanced technologies, biotechnology for the production of medicaments for the international GMP; packaging manufacturer directly exposed to the drug.
  • Investment in production facilities methadone.
  • Investment and trading center for training, coaching and high performance sports training centers, sports training for people with disabilities; construction of sports facilities, training facilities and competition organizations meet the requirements of international tournaments; training facility, fitness competitions, professional sports.
  • Business investment geriatric centers, psychiatric, treatment of patients exposed to Agent Orange; care centers, elderly, the disabled, orphans, street children and helpless.
  • Investment and trading center for Treatment - Education - Social Labor; drug rehabilitation facility, smoking cessation; treatment facilities for HIV / AIDS.
  • Business investment national museum, the national culture; choir, dance, folk music; theaters, studios, film production facilities, film printing; Exhibitors art - photography; manufacturing, fabrication, repair musical instruments; maintenance and conservation of the museum, the national culture and the arts and culture fields; facility, introduction villages and develop traditional industries.

2.2 Lines of investment incentives

2.2.1Science and technology, electronics, mechanical engineering, materials manufacturing, information technology

  • Production on the list of key mechanical products as decided by the Prime Minister.
  • Investment in research and development (R & D).
  • Production of billets from iron ore, high-grade steel, alloys.
  • Manufacture of coke, activated carbon.
  • Production of energy-saving products.
  • Production of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, basic chemicals, plastics - technical rubber.
  • Production of products with added value of 30% or more (under the guidance of the Ministry of Planning and Investment).
  • Production of automobiles, auto parts, shipbuilding.
  • Production of accessories, electronic components, electronic assemblies of components not included in List A of this Annex.
  • Manufacture of machine tools, machinery, equipment, parts and machines for production of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, salt production, food processing machines, irrigation equipment are not included in List A of this Annex.
  • Production of alternative materials Asbestos materials.

2.2.2 Agriculture

  • Raising, planting, harvesting and processing medicinal herbs; protection, conservation of genetic resources and rare medicinal species, endemic.
  • Production and refining of animal feed, poultry and seafood.
  • Scientific Services, cultivation techniques, animal husbandry, fisheries, protect crops and livestock.
  • Construction, renovation and upgrading of slaughterhouses; preservation and processing of poultry, livestock and industrial concentration.
  • Construction and development of material areas to focus on serving the processing industry.
  • Seafood harvesting.

2.2.3 To protect the environment, build infrastructure

  • Construction and development of industrial infrastructure.
  • Construction of apartments for workers in Industrial parks, export processing zones, high-tech zones and economic zones; construction of student dormitories and building houses for social policy beneficiaries; the construction of functional urban areas (including kindergartens, schools, hospitals) to serve workers.
  • Dealing with the oil spill, troubleshoot mountain landslides, erosion dikes, river, sea, dams, reservoirs and other environmental issues; apply technology to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, destroying the ozone layer.
  • Business Investment Expo Center goods, logistics centers, warehouses, supermarkets, trade centers.

2.2.4 Education, culture, society, sports, health

  • Business investment in infrastructure of educational institutions and training; investment in the development of educational institutions, non-public education at all levels: preschool education, general education, vocational education.
  • Production of medical equipment, construction pharmaceutical storage facilities, storage for medicaments for the prevention of natural disasters, catastrophes, dangerous diseases.
  • Production of raw materials for medicine and plant protection products, pesticides; prevention and treatment for animals and aquaculture.
  • Investment biological testing facility, assess the bioavailability of the drug; pharmaceutical establishments standards of good practice in the production, storage, testing, clinical trial drugs.
  • Invest in research to prove the scientific basis of medicine, traditional medicine and testing standards development prescriptions medicine, traditional medicine.
  • Business investment fitness, sport, home exercise, fitness club, sports, stadium, swimming pool; production facilities, manufacturing and repair of equipment, facilities and sports training.
  • Business investment public libraries, cinemas.
  • Investments to build the cemetery, cremation service establishments, crematory.

2.2.5 Other lines of business

  • The operation of people's credit funds and financial institutions​
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