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Thứ 7, Ngày 14/04/2018, 13:00
Press conference on socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2018
On April 12, the Provincial People's Committee held a press conference on the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2018. Head of administrative organization office Mai Van Nhieu chaired the meeting.

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At the meeting

According to the report at the meeting, agricultural production has always been closely guided by the province, the total area of rice planted is 250,002 hectares, reaching 49.9% of the plan, equaling 93.7% over the same period. In the first quarter, the price of rice was higher than that of the same period last year. Farmers earned profit from 15-20 million VND/ha/crop. The situation of consumption of other agricultural products is relatively more favorable than the previous crop, the selling price higher than the same period as lemon, dragon fruit, ..., while sugarcane prices remain low, farmers are not with interest. The province is encouraging farmers to move from small livestock to scatter farms, farms and livestock farms, but in the form of semi-industrial and high-tech applications. Value-chain integration reduces costs, enhances added value, ensures disease and environmental protection.

Index of industrial production in March increased by 11.4% over the previous month, up 20.1% over the same period last year. Total state budget revenue in the first 3 months was VND 3,680 billion, gaining 28.63% compared to the central budget and the provincial People's Council, equivalent to 105.5% over the same period. Investment promotion continues to be interested in the province; create favorable conditions for enterprises to invest in, start up businesses; To overcome difficulties and obstacles, promote investment and expand production and business, thus contributing to attracting investment and filling up industrial parks and clusters. Prepare steps to propose an open economic zone in Can Duoc and Can Giuoc districts.

Recently, the ranking of PCI in 2017 of the province increased 11 levels compared with 2016, ranking 4th in 63 provinces and cities in the country. The number of registered enterprises increased over the same period, the registered capital of foreign investment projects increased over the same period. The public investment plan in 2018 was implemented soon, the volume of implementation and disbursement was quite high, higher than the same period. The province continues to strengthen its leadership and direction to speed up the implementation progress and organize the implementation of two breakthrough programs and three key works of the Resolution of the 10th Party Congress. To concentrate on preparing the contents of the first year of socio-economic development cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City.

At the press conference, besides the questions related to the solution to implement the targets and tasks of economic development of the province, reporters of the press also mentioned some hot issues occurred on the site. In the past time, the situation of land encroachment happened in Thanh Loi commune, Ben Luc district; The situation of farmers massively pond fish pond in Dong Thap Muoi; a series of dragon fruit warehouses were illegally built in Chau Thanh district; Many projects have not been licensed to build infrastructure, advertise, advertise ... Prior to issues raised by the press agencies, leaders of departments have answered specific issues. The press agencies also expressed their wish to continue to receive information and coordinate with the press from departments, sectors and localities.

At the end of the press conference,  Head of administrative organization office Mai Van Nhieu ​highly appreciated the contribution of the press in the direction of information and social feedback to the management and administration activities of state agencies. The province wishes and recommends that journalists and reporters continue to work with the province to promptly propagate, orientate and create a high level of consensus in order to bring into full play their combined strength and strive to fulfill the socio-economic targets in 2018.​

Reported by TV

​​  Translatedby Lan Vy​

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